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How London Escorts Exercise For Better Sex

Is there a link between exercise and better sex? Mary from London escorts seems to think there is and she is not the only one. Personally, I love to exercise says Mary, and there are many reasons for that. I always think that exercise makes me feel really invigorated, and I sort of want to […]

Tetris could cure addiction – India Today

India Today

Tetris could cure addiction
India Today
Playing a tile-matching puzzle video game for as little as three minutes at a stretch can weaken cravings for drugs, food, sex and sleeping by approximately one-fifth, claims a study. During the study, participants were prompted to play the video game
Playing Tetris could be helpful in reducing addiction – says new studyMicroCap Observer

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Playing Tetris Can Block Sex, Food Cravings – Discovery News

Discovery News

Playing Tetris Can Block Sex, Food Cravings
Discovery News
Playing video games isn't necessarily a time-sucking waste of time. Psychologists have discovered that playing a game of Tetris could help keep a person from succumbing to food, sex, drug and alcohol cravings. Video Game Fails. In fact, playing the
Tetris Could Actually Reduce Your Cravings For Food, Sleep, Wine and SexElite Daily (blog)
Playing Tetris weakens the cravings for food, drugs, sleeping, and sex by one The Standard Daily

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Top Foods That Affect Your Sex Drive

The foods that you eat play a key role when it comes to not only satisfying your partner during sex, but also enjoying it. There are foods that can boost your libido and raise your game while others take away the enjoyment. This why as an adult, you must stick to healthy diet if you […]