How London Escorts Exercise For Better Sex

Is there a link between exercise and better sex? Mary from London escorts seems to think there is and she is not the only one. Personally, I love to exercise says Mary, and there are many reasons for that. I always think that exercise makes me feel really invigorated, and I sort of want to go around again. Many of the girls who work with my at London escorts are exercise fanatics, and say that they think it has an influence on their sex lives. Of course, sex can make you feel great as well, but if you are fit you have more energy.

More energy, and good energy levels, are certainly important when it comes to better sex, says Maya. She is a tiny little petite girl who has been working for London escorts services for two years now, and is always full of the joys of spring. I love to exercise she says, and I have told my boyfriend that the best exercise is sexercise, she says with a giggle. Okay. not all London escorts maybe fancy sexercise when they come home. It can be sort of a long day or night when you work here, and you may not be in the mood.

One of the problems with working for London escorts, is not you don’t have a lot of time for exercise, says Fifi. I have worked for various London escorts agencies for the last five years, and have not always been able to fit in exercise. Without exercise I feel sluggish and tired, and it does affect my sex life, I know that, giggles Fifi. The thing is that I am not a gym person, and I prefer to exercise outside in the fresh air. I try to spend as much time out in the sunshine as possible, says Fifi, it really lifts my spirits.

Keeping fit and having good energy can be a positive step in the right direction if you feel that your sex life is on a bit of a downer, says Katie from VIP London escorts. I know that I feel much better as a person when I have been for a vigorous walk. Every day before I start my job at London escorts, I do try to fit in some exercise. Exercising for fun is great and if you are out in the fresh air, you will feel so much better as well.

There is a clear link between physical and mental well being, and exercise. People who are fit and healthy tend to have better sex life, and it isn’t only London escorts who realize this. Doctors often talk about having more and better exercise to increase you libido, and some of us are only beginning to appreciate how good it feels to exercise. Yes, it feels great to have sex, but if you have sex with a fit and active person, you are much more likely to enjoy it more. Fit an healthy people do have better energy levels and will often say they have a better time in bed with their partners.

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